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I like the idea of getting the .45 ACP and getting a .22 conversion kit for it too.

Be just a little careful if you do that though. I had a genuine Colt 1911 and a genuine Colt .22 conversion unit and it did not work at all well. Poor accuracy and many jams-it was very finicky about ammo. A good friend of mine had a different .22 conversion unit on his 1911 .45 and it was VERY accurate and reliable. YMMV. Also, and this is heresy in the gun world, IMhO if you are going to do concealed carry a Glock or a double action revolver would be a better choice than a 1911 for a new shooter.

For you in NY an overriding concern might be to get what's hot while the gettings good before the world of restrictions closes in on you. (Note: it is 2/2/2013 and that might already have happened.)

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