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Originally Posted by Nnobby45 View Post
Since pulling numbers out of the air and rabbits out of the hat of confusion is consistent with the more successufl members of that profession, he might be on the way to a great career.

It's true that, on this forum, simply pointing out that the .40 has long since proven itself on the street would probably have sufficed. And that the 9mm with the best ammo available isn't all that far behind.
If you had bothered to read any further, you would have seen me own that I should have phrased that differently. You would have even seen my alternate phrasing.

I'm sure you've always expressed yourself exactly as intended the first time, right?

Being attacked for trying to become a lawyer, especially trying to be one of the few that defends the Second Amendment and does his job honorably, has gotten incredibly old. Contrary to popular belief, it's not an easy process, it's not without ethics, and it's often far from being lucrative. Yes, there are a lot of scummy lawyers, but if you tell me what you do for a living, I'm sure I can find examples of scummy people there too. If you ever have to use your firearm to protect your family, God forbid, it'll be one of us contemptible lawyers shielding you from the power of the state.

Seriously, this thread had gotten back on a civil and evidence-based track. Please explain why you felt the need to take a dig at me when the juvenile nonsense was already over.

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