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Thank you Deerslayer, I would hope that our soldiers would see it that way. I think the present government would use UN troops for their dirtywork in such an event that they need to murder Americans in their homes to get their agenda implemented. Pray for the best but be prepared for the worst. What they propose is clearly unconsitutional. Time will tell, either we will prevail and be hailed as patroits or fail and go down in history as terroist. History is written by the victors. I beleive the American people's worst enemy is the leftist media. They hate us and use every trick in the book to destroy our traditional way of life, they hate the Constituion unless they can use it to advance their agenda. They want you and your family in line and doing exactly what they order you to do, against you princibles or not. They want total control, of you, and your family, and they can't accomplist this while you and I are free. Remember, freedom is just a word if you don't have it, and only free men and women own guns.
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