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As the bullet release force is what crimped in bullet need to get "pushed out of the case" you should measure how many pounds of force that takes. Release force is the ammo industry spec for such thing. Build a tool with a bullet puller, shell holder and a bucket of bullets that can be weighed on a scale. There'll be from 1 to several dozen pounds of force needed depending on how tight the case neck's on the bullet as well as the contact area between them and the lubricity between them.

Few, if any, rifle reloads need their bullets crimped in anyway. Doing that adds another variable (release force spread) that hurts accuracy. So, unless you're reloading 500 grain bullets in a .458 Win. Mag. (or other giant behemoth buster cartridge), I'd forget about crimping in your rifle bullets. Lots of handgun bullets need crimped in.
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