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Originally Posted by shafter
America's gun culture shrinks all the time
I think your premise here is incorrect.

It isn't shrinking. It's expanding by leaps and bounds. Why else do you think there's such a rush to buy anything? It isn't folks with large stockpiles; we're already well equipped. It's people who finally realized that they may want to exercise their rights.

The anti-gun forces are rallying every last bit of strength because they've been steadily losing ground in most places in the US for the last ten to fifteen years. Only in places like CA and NY do they hold any real sway. Everywhere else there's advancements like shall issue CCW. Guns were removed from Walmart and now brought back. Being interested in guns and being an NRA member no longer marks you as some wacky survivalist type, the people signing up for CCW classes and filling out 4473s are just as likely to be soccer moms and schoolteachers as anybody else. The federal AWB was not renewed ten years back and it's looking more and more like they'll fail in using the blood of innocent children to get a new one instated. We have even seen SCOTUS declare the Second Amendment to be an individual right. None of this was even remotely thinkable twenty years ago.

Sure, the news media is hammering stuff right and left. Why is that? It's because they're losing, they know they're losing, and they are left with nothing but emotional appeals for new laws since they get whupped in a straight up logical debate.

We're not losing. Far from it. We're winning like never before.
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