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wow, now really confused

i started out thinking i just needed reloading press kit (got rcbs rock chucker supreme kit) dies and components

then decided to be safe got several manuals,
a digital scale (to verify and cross check loads and compare loaded cartridges for uniformity) this is in addition to balance beam scale in kit
a tumbler to clean brass and check for problems
a magnifier to help see close up for problem cases
a case trimmer to trim all cases the same
a second caliper to cross check and verify first caliper dimensions

just plinking so don't really think i need to do head space and measure seating depth off lands for each of the two rifles and because loading from magazines the 2.8 oal should be fine

now you mention all this:
1. Jacket Thickness
2. Jacket Alloy/hardness
3. Dimensions and length of your chamber/throat
4. Bore wear (applicable firearm)
5. Bullet neck tension/crimp if used
6. Case wall thickness (case volume) + Length
7. Primer type/brand
8. Barrel Length
9. Ambient Temperature (30C to 100C I have read can create 4-10% pressure difference depending upon powder type).

holy sh..., will i have to get another degree to figure all this out, and another job to pay for it all.

the videos i have watched and posts i have read all seem to show it to be a pretty simple process for target shooting or small game hunting, like varments.
not measuring case thickness everywhere, throat length, bore wear, neck tension crimp, jacket thickness, alloy of brass, temperature --- holly cow

not trying to get 1 inch groups at 12 miles, just simple targets or varments at 100 to 500 yards
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