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New Gun Problem

I just picked up another Smith & Wesson M&P……….this time in 9mm instead of .40

Perfect out of the box, no missfires, no feed issues, took all different kinds of ammo, dead accurate; I didn't even clean or oil before first shooting.

Then when it came time to strip and clean I noticed the problem.

The take down lever, which is pushed to the down position when the slide is locked back, to allow the trigger to be pulled (I know I can also push down the sear to avoid trigger pull) and slide to come off, does not stay down.

When I push it downward to it springs back up. I have to manually keep a finger on it to keep it down while simultaneously releasing the slide, pulling the trigger, and letting the slide come off.

On my .40, I push down the lever when I want to take it apart, and it stays down to allow me to complete takedown. No finger/constant pressure needed.

Whats the deal?
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