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My loader showed up thursday and I didn't get to give it a try til's been snowing and raining and cold here, but I finally caught enough of a break to get out in the yard for a few minutes and fire a few shots (18 shots was all I took the time to shoot, I hate the cold). I bought this from ebay, the sellers name is deanflip7,
hope this link works...

I think that this is the same guy from powder inc. (black dawge) at this link:

But I really like the loader, it's built tougher than the ones I found at cabela's and it doesn't load in an arc like some people have complained about. The ram is built to press straight down so it should load a conical straight in...I haven't tried them yet because I shot all mine up and haven't gotten to cast any new ones yet.

I mounted the loader on a piece of 3/4in ply that I sanded, routered the edges to a round over, and wiped down with mineral oil.


and I went out and shot a few round balls...the flyers are my fault, jerked the trigger, in too much of a hurry because it was getting dark on me

So far no problems and I like being able to load off the gun, at first pass it seems to be quicker than using the built in ram because I can set six balls in place and ram them down one right after the other.
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