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It doesn't hurt to know how to use your whits but if we were that smart we wouldn't need to CCW either. If you are able you should take a little time to learn to use your hands or feet too. The fact is you are probably a lot more likely to need those one day than your handgun. One thing I used to do when I taught Taekwondo was to ask a new student if they have ever punched anything as hard as they can. Most people haven't. If you have never used your fist why would you think you will be able to use it to defend yourself effectively? None of us would CCW weapons if we have never shot. I've even taken some guys who thought they were pretty tough and had them punch a heavy bag hard. It brings them down to earth pretty quickly when they realize how bad their fist or wrist hurts and how little power and accuracy they actually had. Most people need a little training and practice to defend themselves effectively. Most criminals got it by street fighting and you are likely to get your butt kicked hand to hand. A little instruction and practice can make a huge difference for the rest of you.
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