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Nobody is going to take away your guns.

What is it with the anti-gun folk and this statement? They use it a lot. NOT to start another Piers Morgan thread but he was on Jay Leno, The Tonight Show this week and he repeated the ‘Nobody is going to take away your guns’ statement.

I’m guessing the anti-gun group use the ‘Nobody is going to take away your guns’ statement to paint the gun rights group as being a bunch of paranoid people afraid of what the government is going to do to us. The tone of the statement is always that of the reasonable but exasperated parent (them) explaining something incredibly simple and obvious to the slightly backward and petulant child (us). (note: had to go to the thesaurus for that sentence.)

Well, my question for the anti-gun group is, if none of your proposals are going to take away the guns then how are you POSSIBLY going to reduce the ‘gun violence’?
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