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carry something yes.

When I was in the Navy we had a roll of dimes in our pocket if all else failed.
I recall getting a big a*s chewing once for not having a belt on. As a last ditch handy weapon it works. I ended up grabbing a near by beer bottle and the shadowy figures waiting for us vanished when they saw we were ready to defend our combined $6.00 to the bitter end. We were young abd bull headed enough to do it too.
Improvise and overcome. A spray can of wasp hornet will make an impression on an attacker.
A pair of handcuffs can hut a bit when impacting a melon at any speed.
Back in the time of car antennas they made a great whip weapon.
Then there is the rolled up magazine/news paper with some tape wrapped about it. I always have a roll of scotch 33 handy.
All in all the comment of bring your brain is the best one yet.
Everything is a weapon if we just think.
Instinct and retreat is always an option. Well if you can still run. I am too old and tired to run.
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