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reloading 308 confused on bullets, powders and load data - help

have savage 10fcp-sr 24" 1/10 and new to reloading so confused for safety.
also have remington 700 sps 308 24" 1/10
used once fired brass and have imr 4320 and imr 4007ssc powder
bullets are hornady 168gr bthp match and hornady 150gr fmj/bt
cci 200 primers

using hornady reload manual, speer reloading manual and imr data specs for 308
hornady list imr 4320 for 168gr bullet (charge 33.9g to 42.2g) but no 4007 listed and it list neither powders for 150gr

speer lists imr 4320 for 150gr fmj/bt (charge 44g to 48g) and 168gr bthp match (charge 42g to 46g) their min is hornady's max charge load
but does not list imr 4007ssc

hodgon list 150g nos bt with imr4007ssc charge 44.7 to 48 and imr 4320 charge 44.1 to 49 but no mention of 150g fmj/bt
hodgon list 168g sie hpbt with imr4007ssc charge 43.2 to 48 and imr 4320 charge 41.5 to 46gr

and cannot seem to find a comprehensive data sheet listing all bullets (whgts and mfg) and charge loads and powders

does this even really matter?

i can use hodgon data listing both powders and both types of bullets
but are nos 150g bt the same as hornady 150g fmj/bt so do same charge or if different dimensions will get different pressures for same charge?

same problem with 168 g

just don't want to go boom in the wrong way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

if all bullets same dimension for given gr and style then can use data from any mfg?

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