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Thanks for the replies. This is just the input I was looking for. I did not want to waste money or time (more valuable) for something that would just be a "basic walk thru" class. Cheapest prices I found for NRA classes were $75 a class up to $300 for a 2 day class.

What has lead me into inquiring about the classes is I have the opportunity to take a RSO position at the range I am a member at.
Its a open range from sundown to sunset 7 days a week and a RSO is not required to be present to shoot there.
If I take the position it may require "over seeing" one match in the spring, and one in the fall @ 4 hours each with less than 10 shooters and by doing so my $175 yearly range membership will be no cost.

The other 3 or 4 guys who are already RSO's there have either military or LE backgrounds. I have not so I feel to be the odd man out having not taken any "formal" training.

So I for sure would like to take the NRA RSO class to have at least some formal type of certification. From there maybe the NRA pistol instructors certification.

Just wasnt sure where to start at.
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