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Only a FMJ is listed


(** Not recommended load for this bullet - Just what I've read **)

Can't really help you, Lyman's (48th Edition) only list one 95 gr. bullet for the 9mm Luger and it's a FMJ (Sierra FMJ #8105, 95 gr.).

1.005" OAL

Unique Start:4.5 Velocity:1007 Pressure:22,000
Max:5.8 Velocity:1399 Pressure:32,000

------Lyman's (44th manual)-------(1960's)--------

95 gr. FMJ

Unique Start:4.8 Velocity:1000 Pressure:Not Listed
Max:6.2 Velocity:1275 Pressure:Not Listed

Given you have JHP's instead of FMJ's, I would expect your C.O.A.L./seating depth to be the main variable(s) (of course, bullet length and jacket thickness/alloy).

I'm new to reloading so I can't answer your question, all I can do is post the data I have for this cartridge/grain weight. If I were in your shoes, I'd back it off to 4.2 for starters and give it a try in a +p or +p+ rated pistol.

While I'm still learning, I'm curious as to how the data on the FMJ in my Lyman's manuals compares to the data you've found online. I'm still trying to learn how to gauge the differences between my various data sources.

Good Luck
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