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About the only time I shoot shotguns anymore is in the shotgun phase of three gun matches.

I keep it rather simple and CONSISTANT, meaning I use the same load (weight wise) and powder wise.

I keep recoil down so I can stay on target. It's simple.

1 oz of bird shot
1 oz slug
and 1 once (a hair under) of buck shot. For my buch shot loads I cast .319 round ball, and load 9 each, They weight 48 grs a piece so that 432 grs (5.5 grs short of an oz.

My bird shot and buck shot paterns good at 25 yards and I can hit an 8 inch plate constantly at 50 yards with the slug.

I use Win. AA hulls and Win wads, with 18.5 grs of Red Dot on all three loads.

Cheap to shoot, mild recoil, and fairly accurate in my Remington Police 18 in smooth bore.
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