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FWIW, there's no such thing as a Marlin Model 39 made in 1883 - or any other .22cal Marlin levergun, for that matter.

The early Marlin leverguns were the Models 1891 & Model 1892, before the Model 39 was introduced in 1922.

A Model 39 without SN prefix is likely first year production (1922) - could be year after, but not much beyond that.

It should have the correct/issue "S-shaped" pistol grip walnut buttstock, thin forearm with steel cap, and 24" barrel.
The barrel should have ballard rifling (not MicroGroove) and a black bakelite buttplate (straight cut to buttstock), and color case hardening on the action - unless most of the colors worn to grey.

However, Since you stated that it has a round bbl marked "Marlin Arms", I would WAG that it's been rebarreled, since it's thought that Model 39's of the 1922-24 period were made by the "Marlin Firearms Corporation' - as stamped into their barrels.

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