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If you really don't like the 30-06 why not re barrel for the .338-06. You get a heavier bullet without the sinus clearing recoil and more thump on the target, win win. Personally I would just up it to 8MM-06 for the accuracy advantage but that's just my druthers.

Or you could go WSM or WSSM with less work involved in the rebuild and still get your magnum load.
The 338-06 would be my first choice in this case as well. It would only mean a barrel change and at closer ranges it would out perform the 300 magnums and certainly be something unique. But the 338-06 actually has about the same recoil, or slightly more than the 300 mags. You will not only get equal or better peformance on game, but retain 5+1 mag capacity vs 3+1 with the magnums.

Changing to a WSM would be no easier than 300 H&H, probably harder.


As mentioned above, I already possess a .300 Winchester Magnum.
This is why I see no NEED for the 300 H&H. You really gain nothing over the 30-06 or 300 win mag you already own.. This, as well as the simpler conversion leads me to believe the 338-06, 280, 9.3X62, or 35 Whelen would be a better choice. Of course if you really want a 300 H&H, it can be done. It just seems like going around the world for something that offers you no advantages. When you look at the much greater expense and trouble of a 300 H&H conversion vs the ones I metioned above you reach the point where it makes more sense to just trade for the chambering you want.
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