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Scavenger Cam - Response to What Ate My Pig Last Night

603Country posted a thread about his pig that disappeared.

That thread inspired this thread. So on Thursday night, I shot a small boar that had been visiting for the last couple of weeks. With no available home for it, I decided to feed it to nature and track what happens to it.

I drove a t-post into the ground and wired the hog to the t-post with wire going around his body and each leg. The wire is to help hold the carcass in place longer while the game camera takes pictures of scavengers going after the carcass. This would not directly mimic 603 Country's circumstances and I don't have a big sounder of hogs visiting currently either, but I thought it my be insightful as to what happens to the carcass after nobody is around.

Using a Covert Spec Ops Code Black camera that sends pictures to me, I will be uploading them to Photobucket and the pictures can be viewed here with the latest images first (so reverse order)...

On Friday, vultures took notice of the carcass, but apparently did not start in on it. I suspect that today (Saturday) they will realize that the hog is fully dead.

I was a bit surprised to find deer at the feeder and browsing in my food plot with the dead hog laying there. So far, the raccoons have just being going by the hog, seemingly unbothered. This morning, one of the turkeys came by.

The hog was shot Thursday night with .308 Nosler Accubond, through the left shoulder and exiting the right side, low on the body from a distance of about 60 yards and ran about 40 yards. Based on his teeth, he was less than a year old. He weighed approximately 120 lbs.

"If you look through your scope and see your shoe, aim higher." -- said to me by my 11 year old daughter before going out for hogs 8/13/2011
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