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News Flash: They govt already has more information on you than you think. You pay taxes. You have drivers licenses. When a car is sold, the new owner registers it. Following some of y'alls logic, maybe they'll come confiscate our cars, or our houses using the info they already have on us.. and if they get our houses I'd imagine they'd get most of our guns too. Heck cars and houses aren't even protected by a constitutional amendment. Watch out for the mad run on those things when people realize that Obama is coming for them!
I would agree with the above post people can debate the merits of background checks or not but the argument that it couldn't be done are kidding themselves. Government agencies already have all the information they need on individuals they need to do checks especially after 911.

Here if i get stoped by police it takes a radio call and they have all they need to know about me.

They have background checks in the uk for firearms i have no problem with that. If people think they can't do the same in America they are wrong. So if people are against background checks there may be plenty of reasons for that but the government not being able to is not one.
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