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The problem with mandatory background checks is the stigma of labeling the firearm as an object of evil, that we must determine that the end user has good intentions before trusting them with such devices. Society has moved this direction already. Look at the implementation of "gun free zones" and outlawing the practice of certain types of carry or magazines and ergonomic/cosmetic features. The object itself has been condemned as a means of destruction rather than salvation which is the status it should hold as per the founders in their provision of the second amendment. Thomas Jefferson and George Washington spoke highly of firearms as liberty's teeth and the means by which man maintains his freedom. Background checks are the foot in the door that could be the vehicle for further infringement of persons to exercise their right.

The biggest issue at hand, as is evidenced by the recent tragedies, is classifications of mental illness and how it will impact our ability to own firearms. Diagnosing a mental illness may take weeks and even then the initial diagnosis may be incorrect thanks to the myriad of symptoms that overlap. Someone with dissociative identity disorder being diagnosed with schizophrenia will forever carry the label of schizophrenic in their medical history. A major depressive episode diagnosis could follow you and interfere with purchases, all because your mother passed after a battle with cancer and you were grief stricken for a month. Who decides what mental illnesses prevent firearm ownership and what happens with a misdiagnosis? Who also decides which of us needs a psychological evaluation to determine competency to own and operate a firearm? I certainly don't want the government making those decisions, much less letting the IRS have control of my healthcare. (Oh, wait, too late... )
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