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By the way, I never said the Army calls the M4 an assault rifle. I said the M4 fit the Army's definition of assault rifle.
but that is what I asked you for and you replied with something from wikipedia.

The STG 44 is widely considered to be the worlds first assault rifle. I don't think I need to post any links for this one, it's pretty well known and easy to research.
I agree, but it doesn't fit the very category that you described above does it? Because it shoots a pistol round.

The above Army description describes an AK 47. Doesn't say anything about an M16 or an M4. In case you aren't aware, there are many differences between the two. That is the reason the Soviets finally came out with the AK74 so that they had something that would compete with the 5.56x45 Nato round. The 7.62X39 is an intermediate cartridge even in comparison to the 5.56x45Nato just in velocity alone.

I don't know why you wish to keep up an argument that doesn't really matter anyway. I wanted to clear up a few points that someone mis spoke about, which are common misconceptions of what an AR15 is and you want to jump on me about some media dreamed up name for a rifle that doesn't fit and never has. If you want to go on believing those misconceptions that were dreamed up by the liberal media that is up to you but it doesn't help our cause any as gun owners. We keep saying that the AR15 is not an assault rifle and yet apparently many of you believe that it is the civilian version of an assault rifle. That is a dubious distinction at best. We really need to get on the same page as gun owners here if we ever hope to stand a chance against the gun grabbing left.

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