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not all gun enthusiasts know the laws/bills you mentioned

It does not make sense in my opinion that this guy(no matter how gun literate or illiterate) would be willing to buy you a gun under his name, social security number, etc.

That being said I can't speculate as to what happened andor why he was making this conversation. Maybe he was touting you: sizing you up for a ripoff. Some people are always on the look out for money as everyone knows if they are willing to commit robberies for drugs and so-on.

Again pure speculation but if it was a LEO but not a sting(I am not convinced either), maybe you were off in some way? I don't mean you were off but maybe he was bitin that bait to see or confirm if you were. I don't know if you dress like a thug? I don't know if you are the opposite but look a little gruff? I don't know your age. I can say this would be profiling and not fair/legaL. You said your license wouldn't allow a sale...maybe he was gonna get you talking and then you know how that can go when a LEO lets a perp start talking and digging himself or herself in a hole which eventually leads him to being able to officially check you out, search you, etc. That isn't entrapment if he ends up talking to you and then gets you for something else, right....a warrant, something illegal in your pockets, etc.

All I know is I can only think of a couple reasons why this man would be willing to offer to buy you a gun under his name/social security number. I mean is he looking for a lifelong "friend", someone he can befriend to later exploit, is he an LEO, is he a secret shooper, is he a reporter/journalist/anti gun activist? Either way you made the right decision(in my opinion) to immediately distance yourself from the situation. I do not believe it would have been a good idea to 'play' with this clown, and I donot think trying to "get the goods on this guy" would've been smart either.
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