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More people are beaten to death than killed with rifles in this country, yet the cry is to ban "Assault Weapons"? .....No outcry against ....say, Martial Arts schools? Of course not: that's as stupid as banning "Assault Weapons".
That, right there!
Why do the pro-gun corner keep trying to chip away and pro-control arguements when these kinds of points show those arguements to be less than logical?

Simple, well-phrased Yes/No questions put to the pro-control lobby are far more effective at testing the strength of this kind of arguement, IMO

Bad people will do bad things, and banning this or that tool won't stop them.
Well, there is a degree of logic to the arguement that if an item is harder to get hold of, it will be harder for a malicious act to be committed with that item.

Granted it does not mean that the intent will away, nor that they won't find an alternative means, as I mentioned earlier.

Anyway, I asked a question of you, to get a clearer perspective:

So what is your solution if you are unwilling to even discuss the issue?
And based on the following remark:
I'll take my chances with the bad people.....
Can I summise that your response is to leave things as they are and do nothing?
When the right to effective self-defence is denied, that right to self-defence which remains is essentially symbolic.
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