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Every nut that runs loose with a gun is a poor reflection on the rest of us.
You are not responsible for their actions, you are responsible for your own. The only reason you believe that their actions reflect on you at all is that you are falling into the trap of allowing yourself to wear a label. Take that label off and burn it. You are an individual and you are NOT GUILTY BY ASSOCIATION, "Spats shame on you brother". You're drifting
I'm am indeed an individual, and I think for myself. I don't like labels very much, but people use them all the time -- here too. You think I'm wrong, and that's fine. I think you're are wrong, and that's fine too. It is indeed okay for me, you, or anyone else to be wrong. What I think is that maybe some folks are in denial. The evident fact is that if enough crazy people with guns do enough crazy things like shooting firemen, shooting bus drivers and kidnapping children, killing people in movie theaters and schools, then we will all see further erosion of our gun rights. Think about it -- Ford gave us cars-- many folks couldn't act sensibly, and people got hurt, so it all got regulated... speed limits, taxes, registration, forced insurance. If enough people continue to get hurt there will be more regulation -- it is inevitable. Us folks who own guns can help lawmakers choose something that is halfway reasonable. Or the alternative is it will be chosen for us. The choice of what we are willing to support belongs to each of us. Those who say they won't support anything are probably not helping anyone including themselves in the long run.

I personally don't want convicted felons who can't buy guns from a dealer buying guns at gun shows near where I live. I don't want mentally ill people buying guns. I don't want that nut in Alabama who killed the bus driver and took the kid hostage to have a gun. Universal background checks where mental illness is reported just might have stopped the Virginia Tech shooter. I think protecting the right to life of innocent people who are victimized by lunatics with guns is more important than worrying about "the govt has information on me." News Flash: They govt already has more information on you than you think. You pay taxes. You have drivers licenses. When a car is sold, the new owner registers it. Following some of y'alls logic, maybe they'll come confiscate our cars, or our houses using the info they already have on us.. and if they get our houses I'd imagine they'd get most of our guns too. Heck cars and houses aren't even protected by a constitutional amendment. Watch out for the mad run on those things when people realize that Obama is coming for them!

Anyway, I know most of y'all don't agree with me, and I'm fine with that.
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