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another piece of useful gear (clothing)

I started using a GI surplus extreme cold weather parka shell (shell only, no liner or hood) this year as an outer garment and a final layer, and have decided I've hit on to something.

Its light, I can roll it up and tote it easily. When worn, it extends way below my waist, about mid thigh, and for long sits, eliminates the draft that happens at waist/belt line (could it be...hunters butt?) A bit long for walks in the brush, but then you can stash it, right? In open country, its light enough to be worn while walking or active. Turns the wind well, and is mildly water resistant, but its not a rain coat. Its quiet. Both of mine are mostly cotton. HD zippers and buttons. Warm, wool lined pockets. With the liner and hood, it could be really warm, but I don't need it. The fur lined hood looks too much like a deer tail (!!!) too. I got mine as a gift, but the local surplus stores are carrying them for about $35 bucks, w/o hood or liner. Its not camo, but when worn with knee boots, camo pants, camo hat, and especially if half buttoned, from seated anyhow, blends well with most outdoors settings.

Its warmer than it seems it should be, versatile, and durable. and is now a standard item with me!
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