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you gotta try this if you hunt from a tree stand!

I rigged up a 3 pt tactical sling to some rifles this season to try and solve the "what do I do with my rifle?" problem when hunting aloft. It worked like a charm.

The rifle hangs across my off knee, my hands are for for calls, snacks, drink, bino's, what ever. If I stand, the rifle goes with me. If the rifle slips, no worries. The sling is made by Spectre but I do not know what model, but it is adapting well to a variety rifles of different size and models.....heck, cable ties solve a lot of problems!

A bonus is that while hoofing it to the tree, I can sling the rifle around my neck, and snugged up a bit, it hangs just in front is a sort of patrol carry position, and I can walk easily, leaving both hands free for walking stick, balance, brush, etc.

I felt a little silly with a tac sling on a bolt sporter, but works.
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