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I never heard the term "Assault Rifle" used in my life until around the early '90s and that was being used by Politicians and the media.
You're thinking of the BS media and political term "assault weapon". The term "assault rifle" was coined by the Germans (in German of course) at the end of WW2. It referred to a select-fire rifle firing an intermediate-power rifle cartridge. The STG-44 is widely considered the first assault rifle.

So that is how the Army defines it according to wikipedia? That doesn't even make sense. A submachine gun shoots a pistol cartridge and a rifle shoots a rifle cartridge. There is no intermediate round between pistol and rifle. A 5.56x45NATO round is a rifle cartridge, it was based on a rifle cartridge when it was designed so how could it be between a pistol and a rifle cartridge?
I understand what you're saying, but the 5.56 is considered an intermediate power cartridge compared to full-powered cartridges like the 7.62x51mm.
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