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I can see I still have (3) Swedish Mausers:

1894 Gustafs ask $100 paid $80 about 5 years ago. I have never shot it.
It looks very sporterized.

1896 Gustafs ask $115 paid $100 about 10 years ago. I bent the bolt, drilled and tapped the receiver. I have sighted it in, but I never overloaded it.

1938 Husqvarna ask $150 paid $135 about 5 years ago.
I have never shot it.
The barreled action looks like it may have never been shot. The stock does not look new.

I also have a Husqvarna M1907 9x20 pistol paid $123, that someone bushed to 9x17mm [380]... Oi, I have really overloaded that one plenty.
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