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Workmanship varies greatly on these rifles, from fairly good to Fred Flintstone.
This looks better made than others I've seen, but my main concern would be metalurgy.
Lee Enfields are made of some of the best Nickle Steel alloys of their day. If not for the properties of the alloy the design might not have made the transition from compressed Black Powder to Nitro Glycerine based Cordite quite so well.

Dara rifles may incorporate unknown steels, from looted railway tracks to Homogenous Nickle Steel armor plate bought from Turkey when they broke up WW1 warships sunk in their harbors.

During WW2 the British bought tens of thousands of Dara made Enfields for use as training and drill rifles by Indian recruits.

The Pakistani government had a program intended to keep rifles out of the hands of bandits by buying up all the Dara production and stockpiling the rifles to issue to police departments. The police were not too happy with that arrangement.
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