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7.62x39 field guage


Can't find a dang 7.62x39 field guage (if they even exist) looked at brownells midway nada any help please!


Check the reloading forums, they have reloaders bumping? the shoulder precisely/exactly .004", or .006" etc. daily, nothing to it, a press, die and shell holder with miscellaneous tools.

I am not that stuck on my work, bump sounds like something that has to do with an accident.

Chamber length gages, I would neck up new 7.62x39 cases to 338 or 35 cal, then I would adjust the full length sizing die off the shell holder .010" then start sizing, after sizing the case with the die off the shell holder .010" I would decrease the gap to .008", I would continue decreasing the gap between the die and shell holder in increments of .002" until I had 5 cases that measured from full length sized/minimum to +.10".

Those with comparators could test the length of the case from the head of the case to the shoulder/datum of the case to verify the length of the case and its effect it has on offsetting the length of the chamber from the bolt face to the shoulder of the chamber.
I make gages, I make gages to measure the length of the case from the dead of the case to the datum.

Gap adjustment, I adjust the die off the shell with shell holder with a feeler gage, Redding calls the feeler gage a thickness gage. Adjust the die then secure the die to the press with the lock ring, hold the die to prevent turning then tighten the lock ring. After making the adjustment verify the gap with the feeler gage.

After sizing the cases the shortest case should chamber and allow the bolt to close without resistance, the longer cases should not allow the bolt to close.

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