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Originally Posted by Skans View Post
There's lots of fine, very accurate, pistols out there that are not 1911's:

T and C-Series Hi-Powers (I'm sure others are equally as good)
Sig P210
Sig X-Five
Sphinx pistols
Korth semi-auto (I have no personal shooting experience with one, just gawking)
HK pistols
Steyr GB (On my list because of how accurate it is w/ its fixed barrel)

In my opinion, there's nothing all that special about 1911's. It's all about the work that goes into the gun itself. So, some 1911's that have been made to perfecting standards are great guns. Likewise, other designs/makes that have been made to equally perfecting standards are just as good, if not better.
I own all of those and would agree with most.
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