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OK, this was more amusing than scary, but it really happened. I was in a pawn shop a couple months ago, and was looking in a gun case while a young salesman was explaining something to a young lady who was looking at a semiauto. He came off as something of an expert on the semiauto pistol. When the shop guy goes to get her something out of the case, I asked if he could pull out a Colt Peacemaker that was in there too. He picked it up, but he couldn't figure out how to open the cylinder to check if it was empty. I was trying to point out the cylinder latch without embarrasing him, and telling him something like "on a Colt you have to pull the latch backwards", and then the guy goes and cocks the hammer while I'm standing there like "no, no, that's not what you want to do"!
Seems like some younger guys just don't understand the simplicity of a revolver?
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