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The four rules will keep you alive. I drilled the four rules into my sons when they were young and they had to recite all four of them before they could touch a gun. It paid off.

One year the hunting trip was over, unload the truck, clear the weapons bring them in. All rifles should be cleared before bringing them inside again. One of them got missed somehow. (too much confidence in my sons?). My sons 700 ADLSY 308 Win. got laid on the table in the gunroom awaiting cleaning. Busy at work and many other guns to clean first let is sit there for two weeks, the last one to be cleaned. I picked it up and racked the bolt...out popped a live cartridge, safety was off. It makes me sick to think how many friends and family sat on the chair in front of the muzzle of that rifle for two weeks.

Constant drilling of the four rules when they were young saved the tragedy from occurring. It's embarrassing for me to write this but safety warnings need to be passed on. Trigger etiquette is a must with firearms. Kudos to Ayoob for helping me to gunproof my children with his book.
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