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Costco Safe

Currently, I have no safe for a lot of firearms. I have a closet, which is obviously no security at all. Costco has this safe on sale:

I realize that this is a game where you get what you pay for, so I'm not expecting a bank vault for 550 bucks. But clearly it's better than what I've got now. I'm not after something that will keep the pros out, not for that money. And I'm not terribly worried about fire protection. Primarily, I just want to be able to go off on a vacation and not worry that some tweaker will break into the house and see a cache of firearms and have a field day. Besides, I figure that the big screen TV and stereo will catch their eye first.

Now, if there's something better for within a few hundred dollars delivered to my driveway, I'm all for it. And tomorrow, I'm going to trundle down to the safe store and see what he's got in used safes. I'm open to suggestions.
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