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Yeah... a gun that has proven its reliability time and time again. A gun that goes bang EVERYTIME no matter what. A gun that will run 100% everytime, even when abused and dirty. A gun thats saved the butt of thousands of police officers... yeah I can see why you hate it so much...

Because it ugly????

Thats just ignorant

Also you point to reliability and yet no one anywhere has any proof that they are more or less reliable than anything else... The stats simply don't exist... Further you point out how police use them and yet in this forum it seems to be an accepted fact that police guns are generally chosen by budget limitations and a set of standards. I agree they are exactly that, cheap... reliable and cheap. Also it seems to be accepted as fact that most police aren't even gun guys, so what would the average non gun guy or gal officer even know about other weapons?

If reliability is the sole determining factor then they are lots and lots of brands that are equally reliable, just they also look better.

So ok Glocks are competent guns, but lets not pretend they are special in any way.

So heres a great chance to get your revenge for my anti Glock heresy... Get the nonmember glockers to do whats in my lead in thread and I will honor my word and provide pics over the coming year... Make me eat my words and help me protect our rights....

But you cant hold it against me because the things are just plain, plain... vanilla as it gets...
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