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The way I read that FL law, yes, it probably would be illegal to carry the Lebel concealed, under the "dangerous weapon" clause...BUT I see no similar prohibition to carrying it openly.

The prohibitions on Open Carry (709.053) prohibits the open carry of a firearm or electronic device...but it does not say "weapon", as it does for concealed.

So, robval912, it appears you can Open Carry of you antique revolver without a license in FL (because it is not a "firearm")

I would strongly suggest you read all of chapter 709, but that is what I read. And as I open carry all the time, and advocate doing so, is why I went looking to see what the open carry rules were.

My biggest concern with any carry of your Lebel is if you actually have to use it, it may be siezed for evidence, and it may not be returned in the same shape it was when siezed..Fl humidity being what it is, Of course, if you needed it, and used it, that would be better than not having anything,

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