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Handloads that group well at 100 or even 200 yards may not group at 300+ yards.

In developing my long range .308 load, the first thing I did was upgrade my components. I switched from whatever brass, to Lapua .308 brass, Sierra 175 Gr Matchkings, and Federal 210M primers.

Combine that with even more attention to detail in the loading process, and I was able to work up a load that shoots well under .5 MOA. It will easily group at 3 inches or less at 600 yards.

As a bonus, it is not by any means maxxed out. The load i ended up with is 1/2 grain under the book max. The book max load showed some pressure signs, and did not group as well.

Ultimately, find a load that groups well at 100, and test it at 300 or more yards. If it's consistent there, you are onto something. Also, don't be afraid to load the round a little longer, just a little bit off the lands/grooves of the rifling. Minimizes bullet jump, and can make a difference in accuracy. You can have a gunsmith find the optimum length for you, or you can just load a dummy round, and seat the bullet down little by little until the round chambers correctly.
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