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H4198 load for .223

I recently began reloading for my Sig M400. I made 20 rounds using H4198 and 20 rounds using IMR4895. Last week at the range, I began with factory rounds, as usual to make sure everything was working properly. I then tried the rounds with the H4198. They fired ok and ejected ok but failed to load the next round from the magazine. The next round did load when I pulled back on the recharge handle, and the cycle repeated until it failed to load the next round.
I used 20.5 gr of H4198, which was midrange from the Hodgdon and Lee data.
I then tried the IMR4895 which fired, ejected, and reloaded properly. I used 25.5 gr of the IMR4895.
I suspect the H4198 load was a bit too light. Does anyone have any experience using H4198 for .223? I have used H4198 in my 30/30, but that's not a semi-automatic.
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