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What are my options for a pistol-caliber carbine?

I'm trying to figure out a suitable option for a pistol-caliber carbine. Right off the bat, I can't have a Hi-Point, CX4, or Sub2K, seeing as how I live in NY. The ones I've figured out I can probably have are a Ruger Police Carbine 9/40 or a Marlin Camp Carbine 9mm. And, of course, these are both out of production. I've been watching for ones that aren't ridiculously priced. And really, the PC9/40 is the better choice, since the Camp Carbine comes with 12 rd mags, so I'd have to find mags after the fact.

Anywho, if someone has suggestions, or has a Ruger Police Carbine for sale, I'm willing to listen
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