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Up close, the HPBT can expand rather violently. Once out a ways and slowed down some, they're great.

I've used Game Kings for a long, long time. Lots of DRT deer. In my '06, my preference was the 150-grain. You can't over-drive the flat-base bullets, but the SPBTs that I generally used (really wide-open country, with a high probability of a 400-yard shot, if not more) can blow up at twenty yards.

It's a design thing, per comments here from a Sierra guy, a dozen years back. I had had a boat-tail blow up in a mule deer's neck at 20 yards; first ever and only time that had happened. But, a muzzle velocity of near 3,100 was the culprit.

And sub-MOA was a standard for all the Sierras, 150 through 180, flat base or boat-tail.
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