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You have an Ex Turkish BSA Shirley No4, I'd have that Enfield in my collection in a NY minute ... nothing wrong with it at all. You can clean up a rifle like that with a BLO scrub and fine steel wool, it would bring it back to life in a day. I've taken on some very rough rifles, cosmetically and turned them around in a day. Example ... first image was my 1942 Longbranch when I bought from store ... the following is the same rifle now.

No sand paper, just BLO and #000 steel wool, no steaming dings or dents - strip the entire rifle and clean it, then reassemble, done. See my tutorial on stock care here ( - you can do exactly what I did ... there are options for the metalwork if it bothers you, but we call that character. Look out for spare boltheads, easy to find and just determine what length you need to get it in spec again.

Think about where this rifle may have been and the service it has seen ... if you knew this rifles story, you probably wouldn't think twice about getting her up an running again. Get to it mate.

Cheers, Tiki.
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