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You will never die because you were carrying one spare magazine too many. Carry as much as you are comfortable with.

I normally carry my M&P 9C with one spare mag and a 17 rounder in my car. I carry my 3913 with one spare mag, sometimes two. If I'm going out with the wife I carry my BG380 in leiu of the spare mag for the 9C. I figure the ability to arm my wife is more useful than a second magazine. In the winter I might carry the 380 and the spare mag.

Remember the spare mag isn't just about needing more ammo. The chances you will run your gun empty and need to reload are very slim under normal circumstances. The real benefit is the case where your weapon magazine becomes disabled. End plates are sometimes plastic and can break or even a metal one can slide off disabling the magazine the magazine completely. Of all the parts breakages or failures your weapon could experience I would say a magazine failure would be the most likely and its one you can actually remedy IF you have a spare.
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