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Thanks for the responses so far. first off, when i say bump im using lingo that i've learned on this forum. It refers to the length from the case head to a point on its shoulder. I'm going to keep using the term bump because it seems to be what everyone understands regardless of its technical accuracy.

I don't have access to factory rounds to measure because here in australia (or at least where i live) they have to be specially ordered in and cost $80 per box of 20. Hence why i had to buy Prvi brass and reload it myself.

Having no factory rounds or fire formed cases to measure off i had to follow redding's instructions on their die and screw the die till it touches the shellholder etc etc.

Using my comparator gauge that shows that this method 'bumps' (sorry f.guffey - i must give the people what they want) the shoulder back 0.009 as compared to a fire formed case. Hence i can't see how this is 0.000?

To answer other questions - no i cannot chamber a fire formed case but this is normal for the k-31 rifle as far as everything i've read goes. neck sizing in the k-31 isnt an option. I think you can in the k-11 but dont quote me on that.

I'm hoping its not a problem with the dies. I bought redding dies because supposedly they're the only ones that make dies specifically for the k31 whereas others including lee make them for the k-11.

Im going to use bart.b's instructions and colour the case black and see where this problem is. Could well be at the case web i suppose.

To answer some other questions: chiefr - nope, this is with unloaded unprimed cases only - the k31 needs its bullets seated very deeply so this brings its own troubles into the mix.

Jimro - i did check the brass. If im not mistaken max length is 55.6mm and ive trimmed all mine to 55mm exactly. After firing they've grown to 55.06 or so but still under max. I cant get factory rounds unfortunately (mentioned above they're $80 per 20 here)
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