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R-P pistol cases have thin walls and arn't worth the trouble, I have well over a 100 factory primed cases I will not use!! Brian is correct!! There's is nothing wrong with R-P rifle cases, been using them for years, I like them, again, Brian is correct!! William
Really! Am I reading this right?

I have found problems with every mfg of brass that I have loaded for. I have a 3lb coffee can that I throw my bad brass in and every mfg is represented there in 9mm to some degree.

Some brands are on average worse than others. Someone gave me 100 R-P brass in 9mm and it is still in my scrap can of 9mm brass. There may come a day when I have to use this brass but it isn't here yet, so it just sits there, and I use the time proven mix of all mfgs that I know won't give me a problem.

If I pull one out of my LNL-AP that don't feel normal, I don't care who made it, it goes in the Folgers can.
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