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The Browning p-35 feels better in my hand than a 1911A1, but I always hit low with the P-35 compared to the 1911A1. Grip angle of the 1911 is better suited to the recoil of the .45, the P-35 could stand a hair more angle for the light recoil of the 9mm, or harder kicking loads. Perhaps a lightweight alloy frame.
My S&W 59, which has a grip like a table leg, hits just right, perhaps because of the alloy frame.

Squared off autoloader frames may help with muscle memory.

I have yet to find a revolver grip that doesn't feel right and provide a natural point, from largest to smallest frame size, but I suspect from the looks of it that a Montenegrin revolver would not fit the bill at all.

If everyone had the same hand there would not be so much variation in grip design.
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