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I don't see the assembly / dis-assembly issue on the Super Vinci as a big deal....its pretty straight forward, in my experience, although I don't own one of my buddies has one and he's happy with it.

We were curious when he first got it ..../ if it would be a pain in the butt....but after you've done it 4 or 5 times ..its no big deal.

I have a pair of Benelli Super Sport models...similar Inertia guns ( although Super Sport's are 3" chambers, and designed more as a target gun )...but I have a 12ga version in 30" / and a 20ga version in 28" ...and I routinely strip them down to bare frames...drop trigger groups out, etc...remove the stocks once in a while...and while its not as easy as the Vinci.../ its pretty easy too - and all of them are way easier to fully strip than most any gas operated semi-auto.

I use my Benelli's as training guns for new shooters...and some of the grandkids...and as a foul weather travel gun ...and I've had them for several years...and I'm happy with them as well ( Trap, Skeet, Sporting Clays and a variety of Upland birds )....they aren't my primary target ( clays guns ) ...but they've done everything I've asked of them ( and I probably have at least 50,000 shells thru each of them by now )...with no issues.
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