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Didn't want to start a new thread but I've decided on a 243 instead of 223 due to local ammo availability. I really like the tikka t3 lite but its just a bit out of my price range. Love the less than 90 degree bolts on a few selections out there. So here's what I've been thinking.

1. Ruger american in 243 (its around 360 locally) love the rotary mag and 70 degree bolt
2. Thompson center venture 243 (havent seen one locally yet) love everything about it other than the smaller bolt handle (wouldnt mind the dimension)
3. Tikka t3 lite 243 (if i can find a good deal on one)
Last choice would be a marlin xs7 (varmint or not) in 243
No dbm is the downside on that one. any body with one here that could tell me if the bolt is a 90 degree bolt?

really wanted a 223 for cheap and available ammo (or in the near future either). But that's not the case now. So 243 it
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