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Tristar's .....mixed to poor reviews for the most part....

Their guns are on the "cheap end" ...and not considered durable ...or much of a value long term...and will not retain much, if any, resale value - based on the models I see at my gun club.

Chances you might get a gun with no issues / parts problems / barrels not regulated to hit the same point of impact .....2 or 3 out of 10 guns might be ok....but its hard to tell.
Beretta and Browning have long set the bar on affordable O/U's in my opinion ...and you're way better off to find a good used Beretta or Browning..and yes, I know they cost more ....but they retain their used value for a reason. A Browning Citori Lightning O/U with 28" barrels in 1988 sold new for about $ 750. List price today is $ 1,989 ...

but they sell new in my area for around $ 1,650 .....and used, a gun made in 1988 ( that cost $750 ) that now has 250,000 shells thru it - but has been reasonably well taken care of ( minor scratches on it ) ....on the used market is about $ 1,000 - $ 1,200. Citori Lightning is not a high end gun ...its a good solid Field Grade gun .../ Brownings higher end target grade guns like the Citori XS Skeet sell new for around $3,000 now....( not expensive guns either / just good long term guns ).
So, where does the TriStar fit into that history ....??? I don't know ....

Maybe it'll be ok for you for ....5 or 6 yrs 40 boxes a year ( 1,000 shells a year ) ...maybe it'll be ok for 20 sure can't tell by looking at it ....the trick is ( what is the quality of the barrel to receiver connection, the quality of the steel in the barrels, quality of springs and firing pins...all the internal stuff....) ....can you get parts, where do you send the gun for service, can a local gunsmith get parts --- all that stuff makes a difference.
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