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I've worked up load data for rifles where it otherwise didn't exist. There are two things to think about here before I offer any advice. First, there are plenty of powders suitable for 270 WSM still available as well as primers. It may not be what you were using before, but it is out there. Something tells me you weren't using 2230C before either. Secondly, you are on your own as far as safety goes.

If you start way low, which you should, you will be able to track pressure rising as primers start to flatten out and eventually you get either sticky bolt or primer flow. Both of those are indicators that you have gone too far. The last time I created load data I backed off 15% at the first sign of sticky bolt and called that max. I'm not going to recommend a starting load and honestly if you don't have a cojones to pick one yourself then creating load data isn't for you.

Best of luck.
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