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There is an entire generation of voters now who do not remember AWB or it meant nothing to them. Pretty much anyone under 30. The "millennials," the constructed demographic in whom so many powerful people have put their hopes of creating the new world political, consumerist, and social order. They are largely the children of broken homes, who got zero culture at home, never mind responsible gun culture. They were raised by TV and, increasingly, among the younger ones, the World Wide Web.

The Democrats have cultivated this demographic with the Internet and its offshoots, and they came through bigtime in November of 2008 after having their strings pulled with hope and change and a lot of vague talk I can't even remember, coz none of it made sense to me. (They weren't quite so keen in '10.)

IMO the political strategy here is to simply reach back and play the old tunes to a new, and large, generation. So of course we're seeing a lot of recycled silliness. As ronbert said, some intern probably pulled this from the files, and went, "Oh, wow, this is genius!"

This is why taking young newbies to the range is very important. We're making it part of our new year, on March 9:

Roast pig and homebrew after!
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